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Understanding the nuances surrounding the Hispanic Market in the United States is crucial to executing smart targeted promotions.
Pepsi and Manzanita Sol were top brands who truly aimed to stand out amongst the crowd and connect with their audience. (In partnership with TracyLocke)


Pepsi Glass - Destapa tu Sabor

Introducing glass bottle packaging of our two main Mexican-founded brands to a larger audience.


Pepsi Glass - Sabor de Mexico

Made with 100% natural sugar, this nostalgic Pepsi glass bottle brought back a taste from home for Mexican-Americans in the United States. Campaign started in the Southern California/Texas region and extended to New York City.


Manzanita Sol - ¡Sabrolicioso!

Manzanita Sol family of products changed their tagline to "Haz Lo Diferente" (Do What's Different) to lock their spot in consumer's eyes as the flavorful alternative to black or white sodas. We were tasked with revamping their thematic look for the retail environment, so we brought forth fruit cues to push their true-to-fruit flavor, bright colors and a playful headline to capture the scrumptious flavor in every sip. Shortly after, the brand added two new flavors to their roster: Mango Citrus and Pineapple.